Hola a todos! So I originally started a little blog to keep track of what I was up to for study abroad, which was a pretty hit or miss experience for me (big miss the first time, huge hit the second). But I’m back abroad for more and wanted to write down what I’m up to this time.

I’m currently lucky enough to be living in Barcelona, Spain! I’ve been here about a week now and everything has been going well. I have an apartment (right by Casa Batlló, one of Gaudi’s works) and I got my NIE (a piece of paper legally allowing me to work here). Next on the list are bank accounts and a job. I’m hoping to work as an English teacher, so fingers crossed that works out.

My beautiful apartment building!

Apart from organizing my life, I’ve been having lots of fun so far, as my new flatmates are really fun and like to go out – so that means lots of discotecas! I’ve also caught up with some friends from last year, which has been nice. It’s been pretty rainy so far, so I haven’t done much sightseeing, but I’ll get around to it. One interesting thing I did see though was the protestors occupying Plaza Cataluyna – if you haven’t read about them yet, you really should. (UPDATE:Here’s my post about them).  And tonight I went to a language ‘tandem’ where the idea was you paired up with a native speaker of the language you wanted to learn (who wanted to learn your native tongue). It didn’t end up quite working out in such an organized way, but I got to practice my castellano and met plenty of new people anyway.

Anyway, that’s it for now, I’ll try to keep things a bit more updated this time around!

It’s good to be back!