I’m keeping up with my small monthly goals, so here’s how I did for March.


  1. Travel more. Done! I went to Ávila, Salamanca, and Segovia, as well as planned more trips. And I’m in California right now!
  2. Try the super cute new panadería by my house. Done! There’ll be a post about it soon because it was so great. UPDATE: Here it is!
  3. Catalannnnn. Oh, still “pendiente”. Haha oops. I’ve been saying I need to start pretty much since I got to Barcelona…it WILL happen.
  4. Exercise more. Yep, I’m biking pretty much everywhere again. I haven’t started the yoga class I wanted to yet though.
  5. Learn one more recipe, and go to one more language exchange night. Actually I went to the language exchange night almost every week this month. The recipe…well, I watched my roommate cook some Turkish soup. So I know how to make it, even though I didn’t actually cook it. That counts, right?
  6. Go to the beach more! Yep, it’s warming up so I’ve been the past three weekends. I even spent St. Patrick’s Day at the beach.
March’s total: 5/6, being generous and counting half-completed ones – pretty good!

Here’s what I want to do for April:

  1. Acquire and read a magazine in Spanish.
  2. Do my new sprint workout to get in shape for partying and sunning myself in IBIZA!
  3. Buy more fruit from the market by my house instead of the supermarket.
  4. Do exercises in my Spanish verbs workbook.
  5. Have a house party! (Not such a lofty goal, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. And hey, I’m 23 and living in Barcelona!)
  6. Use my SLR camera more often. I just got some shots printed and I was shocked at how much I’d improved since I started – it’s definitely inspiration to keep practicing.
  7. Catalan. Okay. Really this time!

More of this in April! Nasty Mondays at Apolo.

Currently reading:  The Dexterseries by Jeff Lindsay, which is even more gruesome than the T.V. series (if you can believe it).

Currently listening to: “Bohemian Like You” by the Dandy Warhols.