This weekend is the 1-year anniversary of the 15M protestors, so they’re holding a 3-day event to mimic the events that happened last year. They started with a “Day of Global Mobilization” yesterday, and will have a “Day of Action” on the 15th. In Barcelona, they started occupying the city center, Plaça Cataluyna, yesterday evening.


Here’s what the group is currently demanding (you can see them in Spanish in the next image):

  • Not a single euro more to rescue the banks.
  • Public, high-quality education and health care.
  • No to job insecurity and the labor reforms.
  • Guaranteed access to decent housing.
  • Universal basic income.

I wasn’t here last year for the protests, but this definitely looks smaller and tamer than the protests I saw last summer or even six months ago. At the bottom, there’s a gallery of a few photos I hurriedly took last night.

Here are some links to more info about the movement:


And a few other posts I’ve written about the movement:

We’ll see what happens over the rest of the weekend with the protests. It’ll be interesting to see whether they get as crazy as the March protests did.