Lately, I’ve picked up some new interesting Spanish vocabulary – the inevitable result of going on a wild trip to Ibiza and working at a gossip website. So here’s what I’ve added to mi vocabulario over the past few weeks:

  • Aburrido como una ostra – literally as bored as an oyster. It just means really, really bored…like oysters must be?
  • Achucharse – to snuggle. Aww!
  • ¡¡¡Apúrate!!! – Hurry up! Latino slang learned from a German (insert joke about German timeliness here).
  • Balbucear – babble. Say this one with the Ethpaneesh lisp to get the full effect.
  • Coma etílico – alcohol poisoning. An example of how Spaniards use super formal medical words for most health conditions. (I learned this one from a comedy sketch, not experience!)
  • Gaita – bagpipes. I’m not really sure why or how bagpipes came up.
  • Puti-vuelta. As in, “Voy a dar una putivuelta por la discoteca para ver si hay alguien interesante.” This one is my favorite by far.
  • Sexiliado (which I misheard as ‘sexy liado’) – sexiled. Potentially English’s greatest gift to the Spanish language?

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And here’s the comedy sketch I learned two of my new words from. It’s a group of Spanish students getting ready for their Erasmus year abroad. It’s least 50% true.

Ahh, Spanish is such a beautiful language. Here’s to more fun language learning!