Wow, it’s officially been a whole year since I moved to Barcelona. It’s definitely been a rough adjustment, but I want to celebrate the occasion by talking about something that has gone well  – travel!


I’ve gotten to travel a lot in the past year. Here’s where I’ve been since I moved here, in chronological order:

  • Olot, a tiny town in Cataluyna that has volcanoes. Yep, there are volcanoes in Spain!
  • England, to see my family. We had a surprise birthday party for my grandma’s 80th birthday! I haven’t written a post on this, but I traveled around the East Midlands and Yorkshire.
  • California – twice!  Once was for Christmas, and the second time was to surprise my mum for her birthday. (My family really isn’t as big on surprises as this post might make you think). I went home to Riverside, and I also went to Los Angeles, which is close by.

Doing the California thing at Glen Ivy Hot Springs. Yep, I am covered in mud.

  • Sitges, to see how crazy Spain gets for Carnaval. Spoiler alert: pretty damn crazy.
  • Ávila, Spain – a cute Spanish town famous for its medieval castle walls.
  • Salamanca, Spain –  a place I’d always wanted to see. It was just as good in real life!
  • Segovia, Spain – complete with a Roman aqueduct and some seriously weird food.

Foam party in Es Paradis, Ibiza.

  • Bonus: the month before I moved to Barcelona, I was in San Diego to celebrate the end of college, and I went to Washington D.C. to present my senior thesis research at a conference (I forgot to tell you guys I was a nerd!). Here it is:

Whew! That’s a lot of travel.  That’s why my mum sent me a Barack Obama bookmark that was signed by ‘the president’ with “You travel more than I do!”

While that’s not quite true, I’ve been lucky to travel a TON. I’ve already got some new trips coming up – I just arranged trips to go to Berlin and Madrid, and I’m also trying to squeeze in another visit to see my family in England.

I’m also tentatively arranging a trip through Eastern Europe with some of my best friends, and I really really hope it comes through.  And I just might get to go to Pamplona to see the Running of the Bulls!

Nederlands: Stierenrennen in Pamplona.

I REALLY want to go!  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How do I get to travel so much? Well, I work for a website, so I don’t have to take my vacation days to travel if I can get Internet access at my destination. On top of that, they’re very nice and flexible.

Also, Spain is much more generous with its vacation time than the U.S. is. And of course, everything in Europe is so close together. A flexible job + lots of vacation days =  a very happy traveler.


Cheers to another year filled with travel! Thanks to everyone who’s kept up with my aventuras so far.