Hello everyone! Even though my blog is about my life abroad in Barcelona, I haven’t actually written anything about my favorite city in a while. So here are some of my favorite snaps from summer so far!

A beautiful but very posh garden market I went to in a fancy house. I thought I was heading to a normal cheap market, but most things were upwards of €50!


Barceloneses enjoying an afternoon stroll to or from the beach on the Rambla de Poble Nou. We stopped for some cool beers after a hard day at the beach.


Quiet Barcelona streets during the afternoon siesta.


Pretty details from a random railing.


Sunset from the train on the Mediterranean coast.


Hitting up the rooftop bars and terraces to soak in the beautiful summer weather.


This is a beautiful sunset on my street – I get a great view of Tibidabo!

Barcelona-sunset-skyline-TibidaboOne of my best friends from college came to visit, so we indulged in Barcelona’s nightlife scene. These lovely little things are shots from Espit Chupitos – and yes, one is on fire.

Espit-Chupitos-Barcelona-shots-fireAnother crazy party – Nasty Mondays at Apolo!

Apolo-Nasty-Mondays-Barcelona-crazy-partySo what’s up this nice summer weekend? Well, proper summer has finally arrived, so I’m hoping to spend some time at the beach. The rebajas (summer sales) are calling my name, and there’s also a fun market in the Raval tomorrow afternoon.

As far as nightlife goes, I’m spending Friday night chilling with a cup of tea and a documentary (so mature!), and heading to a house party or two tomorrow.

Ahh, summer!

Currently reading: A Lily of the Field by John Lawton

Currently listening to: “Too Much” by Bonaparte. So catchy!