I’m sneaking in this week’s Where in Spain Wednesday post juuust before midnight! I’ve had a busy day in my favorite city on the planet, and here’s a view from one of my favorite spots here. 


It’s the Hotel 360 in the Raval. I would never have thought of going in a hotel for fun, but while I was doing my TEFL certificate course, the instructor suggested going up for a peek. At the time, I lived right around the corner, so I figured it couldn’t hurt.

When I actually got there, I was blown away. As you might have guessed from the name, the hotel has a 360° terrace at the top. It overlooks the whole city, from the Mediterranean to Tibidabo, and everything in between. It’s quickly become one of my favorite places to take people in Barcelona. There’s a bar and swimming pool at the top. Even though the drinks are a little pricey, the terrace is free to visit.

This is the sunset in late October. It was actually the last day the terrace was open, because unfortunately it closes during the winter. I can’t wait until it opens up again to sit, maybe have a drink, and watch the city move.