If you read my post about the De Tapes Per Barcelona tapas route over the weekend, you may have wondered what kinds of tapas you can get. Here’s what I’ve eaten so far, ranked from worst to best! 

Note: all descriptions are taken from the official tour map. 

5) Salt Cod Morsel (Bocado de Bacalao)



What: “Potato stuffed with salt cod and apple aioli.”

Where: #17, The House. C/Valencia, 202

Recommended? No. This was easily the most disappointing tapa so far. I love everything that’s in it, but it just tasted of a cold hunk of potato, with a slightly fishy aftertaste.

4) Chickpea and Scallop Brandade with Spinach Pil-Pil (Brandada de Garbanzos con Zamburiña y Pil-Pil de Espinacas)



What: “Chickpea and scallop brandade with spinach pil-pil.”

Where: #20, Marzán Bodegón del Norte. C/Valencia, 207.

Recommended? 50-50. This one was decent. I liked it, and it was nice and warm on a cold afternoon. However, it wasn’t the most exciting tapa, so I wouldn’t go out of my way for this one.

3) Sinful Perol (Pecado de Perol)


Still playing with the focus on my new camera…I’m not quite there yet!

What: “White and black Perol sausages millefeuilles with roast potatoes and Iberian ham with a goat cheese gratin.”

Where: #40, Set de Gòtic. C/Montsió, 5.

Recommended? Yes! This one was really, really tasty. I’m not a big fan of sausages, but this was a really delicious tapa. And the waiters were so sweet there. They brought us a big plate for all 10 of us, then said “Remember to share like good hermanos!”

2) Surf & Turf Brochette (Brocheta Terra Mar)


What: “Brochette of chicken, prawn, and apple in Moderna sauce with Maldon salt on caramelised onion, with Voll-Damn beer reduction.”

Where: #22, Rovica Bar, Rambla de Catalunya, 56.

Recommended: Definitely! This one was delicious. And it was pretty filling, with two chunks of chicken and a prawn on the skewer. It’s not the most photogenic, but it was lovely.

1) Bluefin Tuna Tataki (Tataki de Atún Rojo)


What: “Bluefin tuna tataki with tomato jam and citrus coulis.”

Where: #42, La Taverna del Bisbe, Av. de la Catedral, 6-8.

Recommended: Oh yeah! This was my favorite tapa, and it had some strong competition from the last two. The tuna was so tender and the sauce went perfectly with it. Yum! Also, this is a great bar to go to because it’s right next to the cathedral, so you get a very pretty view as you eat.

Each tapa costs €2.40, which comes with a small beer. The De Tapes Per Barcelona route is on until Sunday, March 3 if you’re in Barcelona and are looking for some good tapas!