Spring has finally sprung in Barcelona! Well, kind of…we had a few weeks of absolutely beautiful weather, but sadly the rain is back and casting gloomy clouds of mist over the city. 

But at this point, we’re almost in May so I’ll assume it’s just a temporary setback on the way to the summer months of full-blown sunshine. To celebrate, here are some of my favorites things about springtime in Barcelona.

Parc Güell in Bloom

Gaudí’s fantastical park is always bright, but with all the spring flowers showing off their most colorful attributes, it’s like somebody turned up the saturation to 11. The rolling Parc de Collserola is covered in a lush carpet of fresh plants right now, making the perfect backdrop for the wild park.


In short – this is definitely the prettiest I’ve ever seen Parc Güell!

Let’s Go to the Beach, Beach! 

Come on, sing that dreadful Nicki Minaj song with me – after all, it’s beach season! And now is the best time, because it’s just before Barcelona’s beaches get temporarily conquered by hoards of northern Europeans desperate for a Vitamin D fix.


Of course, that also means Operación Bikini is in full-swing, and chocolate has never looked so tempting. But Milka, I think we need to spend some time apart. It’s not you, it’s….wait, no. It’s definitely you. Leave me alone.

¡Qué no pare la fiesta!

Sorry, more terrible party music. But honestly, the warm weather brings out people’s warmer social side too. This month has been one non-stop fiesta. All of my friends are so excited to open up their apartments for spring parties that there’s been a great piso party every weekend for the past six weeks.

I was the rather proud host of a party two weeks ago that’s still getting talked about (turns out the ABC theme is a hit in Spain!)


Tonight, I’m afraid I’ve got to choose between two parties. It’s basically the Sophie’s Choice of Barcelona (only obviously MUCH MORE serious 🙂 ). Still, my choice has been made slightly easier, as I’m pretty sure the police will also be interested in attending one of the parties…

Travel Time

Now that I’m not huddling under layers of sweaters and scarves, I’m much more tempted to consider venturing out of my quarters (it sounds more elegant and less lazy that way). Especially if there’s travel involved.

Photo credit: PhotographyBlogger

Photo credit: PhotographyBlogger

Which brings me to my final point…I’m going on vacation this week! 

Here’s a hint: I’m off to one of Spain’s most famous party destinations, and lo que pasa allí se queda allí (so don’t expect any detailed posts about my holiday).  Any guesses where I’m going? All will be revealed on Monday!

But for now I’ll just say that my brain is firmly in the “off” position until….well….erm, perhaps we should hold an adios cheers to my remaining brain cells. 😉 Thanks for all the hard work, and I hope we do business again soon, neuronitas.

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