As the weather has finally warmed up here (yayyyy!), here’s one of my favorite springtime photos of the city – Barcelona’s Parc Güell showing off its gorgeous greens. 


As you go higher and higher up in the Gaudí-designed park, you get better views of the city. It’s easy to get lost staring towards the sea, picking out all of Barcelona’s top landmarks (the Sagrada Familia! Montjuïc! The Ramblas!). But my favorite view in the spring is looking at the hills surrounding the other side of Barcelona. They’d all turned brilliantly green after the weeks (and weeks) of rainy weather.

After taking in the view, my next suggestion is to enjoy a laid-back picnic with some friends on one of the benches underneath all those leafy trees in the foreground. A loaf of crusty Spanish bread are a packet of jamón serrano or queso manchego with some fruit and vino make a rather nice way to spend a warm sunny afternoon.

Now, I’m keeping my fingers crossed about the weather, as we had a two-minute burst of rain this afternoon. But it warmed up again quickly, so I have my fingers crossed that beach season is here to stay!

Also, if you’re in Barcelona this week, there’s a cool event going on – Terrace Week! 40-ish hotels have opened up their terraces and put on cool events like tapas cooking demonstrations, gin and tonic tasting, and live music. Here’s the website for a list of everything going on!

Note: starting from October 2013, Parc Güell is no longer free. Find out more information at this link.