Happy Wednesday, everyone! Just two more days to go until the weekend…and this weekend, I’m heading back to Barcelona. I’ve had a great time in California and I’m sad to leave, but I’ve got lots of fun plans back in BCN. So to get myself back in the Spain swing of things, here’s a picture from one of my favorite Spanish cities – Girona. 


One of the prettiest parts of Girona is all the greenery and countryside surrounding the city. On a rainy day earlier this summer, I walked down a path from the monastery gardens that led out of the cobblestoned streets and down into a quieter area bursting with shades of green.

Sometimes Barcelona doesn’t have quite enough green stuff around for my liking (although it does have some), so it’s nice to get a greenery fix once in a while. The high-speed AVE train gets you to Girona in a little over half an hour, and there are plenty of relaxing green spaces there to enjoy. This little old bridge sitting in all the grass is one of my favorite views from my latest trip out to Girona.

OK, speaking of enjoying, I’m off to go enjoy some more of my time in California. As always, I wish I had more, but there’s no point being sad about it while I’m still here.