Hello everyone! Thanks for all the support so far for MyBarcelona, and I’m very excited to present to you the very first official episode – La Boqueria Market. 

Starting now, we’ll be posting a short episode about one of Barcelona’s coolest sights every Sunday. You can subscribe to the channel here!

I hope you like the debut episode. I’m a little nervous to show it to you, but I think you’ll enjoy it. Thanks again for all your support!  🙂




La Boqueria is one of my all-time favorite things to do in Barcelona. Really, how could it NOT be? It’s colorful, quirky, and definitely not something you see every day. Oh, and I forgot to mention one of it’s most appealing characteristics – it’s free!

Even though it’s a major tourist attraction, La Boqueria is still a place where you can do your regular, everyday shopping, and many locals do. During my first summer in Barcelona, I actually used to live right around the corner from the Boqueria. And that meant I did almost all my food shopping here, or sometimes I just stopped in for a quick snack on the way home. There were times I looked up and couldn’t quite believe this was the Barna substitute for your local supermarket.

If you’re around La Boqueria, there are lots of other great sights to see. You could…

What’s the coolest market you’ve ever been to? Have you ever visited La Boqueria?