For this week’s Where in Spain Wednesday, let’s talk about a much-neglected topic on my blog – Spain’s amazing food! It’s a shame I’m not more of a foodie, as the country’s delicious food is probably almost entirely wasted on me. But even a food cretin such as myself can recognize when I get treated to something really special, like this tasty little morsel I had in Sevilla.

Spanish tortilla is pretty spectacular on its own, which makes total sense when you think of all the delicious things that go into it (potatoes, eggs, and onion if you’re feeling daring). But this one got an interesting touch with the addition of ham  (this is Spain, after all), eggplant, and a salty-sweet balsamic vinegar sauce.

And where did I manage to stuff my face full of this particularly delightful tapa? A local friend very kindly took me to the Bodega Dos de Mayo (Plaza de la Gavidia 2), which has a great selection of very, very tasty tapas.