Traveling Spain

Spain is such a fascinating country. Going to each different region feels like you’re going to a completely different country.

I’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of Spain. I’ve lived in Andalucía and Catalunya, and visited lots of the rest of the country.  Here are a few places I recommend visiting – though it’s by no means an extensive list! 

You can also check out each region from the drop-down menu.


Where in Spain Wednesday – Summer in Sitges

Hello again from the País Vasco! While I'm off enjoying my vacation in the north of Spain, I have a photo to share from the Catalan coastline - in Sitges. Sitges is a beach town to the south of Barcelona. In about half an hour to forty minutes, the train whisks you...

Top 5 Secret Things to Do in Madrid (Guest Post)

Hello everybody! Today, I want to introduce you to Paul from Take Ya There,  a 25-year-old writer currently trying to blend in as a madrileño. He's going to take you on a trip to some of the Spanish capital's lesser-known gems. Here are his top 5 secret things to do...

Where in Spain Wednesday – Avilés, Asturias

I'm afraid it's a quick post from me as I'm playing tour guide to my parents this week! Here's my regular Wednesday post from Avilés, Asturias. These pretty little houses were facing the river, on the opposite side of the bank from the very fancy Cultural Center (so...

Where in Spain Wednesday – Segovia’s Cathedral at Sunset

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Here's one of my favorite pictures from my trip to Castilla y León - the beautiful Segovia cathedral at sunset.  The pretty city is famous for its huge Roman aqueduct (which definitely still works!), but my favorite part of my visit was...

Las Setas in Sevilla (The Mushrooms)

Hello everybody! After last week's Gaudí post, I'm back with more bizarre architecture from Spain, but this time with Las Setas in Sevilla!      It's known as "Las Setas" ("The Mushrooms") because of its weird shape. It's officially the Metro Parasol. They...

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I'm Jessica, a travel writer and translator from England who grew up in California and now lives in Barcelona. Come read all about my aventuras in Spain and beyond!

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  • La Pedrera - I get to walk past this pretty building nearly every day. It’s especially pretty at the moment because the trees surrounding it are such a bright green this summer.⠀
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