Happy Wednesday! As I’m getting my suitcases ready to go back to my favorite city in the world, I’ve got a new photo from one of my new favorites things in Barcelona – the cable cars at Montjuïc. 


Officially called the Telèferic de Montjuïc, these lovely little cable cars zip you right up the hillside straight to the castle perched on the top. You’ll get expansive views of all of Barcelona (can you spot the Sagrada Familia in my snap?), plus you’ll save yourself a rather steep climb up!

I’ve never actually taken the cable cars, because they unfortunately  have one major downside – the price. The current normal adult price is €10.80, quite steep for the quick ride.  It looks pretty fun, but saving money is always good! Instead, take the 150 bus up to the top; you can catch it in Plaça Espanya. But if you decide the money is worth it, click here for the official information.

Hope you’re all enjoying the new year so far!