Barcelona is a city that loves to party, and St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that’s all about partying. It’s a match made in heaven, especially when St. Patrick’s is on a Saturday like it was this year. So how can you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Barcelona?




Here’s my recommended formula for any culture clash celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day in Barcelona:


Which one of these isn’t Spanish? Hint: The one that can’t tan.

First, start by waking up and heading straight to the beach with snacks. This will prepare your stomach for the rest of the evening, as well as help you get in some quality sun time.


Then, it’s on to a brief siesta to recover from all that hard work before heading out to dinner. Try some of Barcelona’s delish traditional tapas – we went to El Xampanyet, which serves ridiculously cheap cava and cecina (like Spanish jamón, but made out of beef).


When you run out of cava, continue your culinary tour of Barcelona by tasting Asturian sidra, or cider. You can try your hand at pouring it traditionally too, like in this pic:


Now, you may be thinking this doesn’t sound very Irish. We were thinking that too at this point, but we figured that being in a bar counted for something. But once you’ve had your fill of sidra and cheese, begin the hunt for a proper Irish party.

The best places to find an Irish bar in Barcelona are near the Ramblas – there are three alone on Carrer de Ferran. Head there and follow the drunken green crowds.


Go in and out of the bars decorated in Irish style until you find a party to your liking. The Guinness will be flowing until around 4:30 a.m. and they will be passing out free hats.

At this point, stay in the bar until they forcibly eject you. If you can still stand up mostly straight and unassisted, head directly to the nearest discoteca. If not, wear your new giant Guinness hat with pride on the metro home.


Next morning, you may continue your observation of the holiday. Either stay in bed all day clutching your head in agony, or give thanks to your Irish ancestors when to your delight, you awaken with no hangover. I personally opted for option 2.

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