Hello everybody! I’m slowly recovering from my crazy travel month, though I had a bit of a setback last night. Turns out I just can’t turn down a good beach party. Staying out until 5 a.m. was not the best idea, but that’s what the siesta is for.

If you’ve been keeping up with my travels (and if you have, a huge thanks!), you’ll already know I spent last weekend in Madrid. Madrid is super different from Barcelona, and one thing it has that BCN doesn’t is…a giant royal palace! I have a bit of Spanish royal fever after seeing the crazy elaborate Palacio Real.


Now, I’m not even a fan of monarchy as an institution, but they do have some awfully sparkly things that I’m rather taken with. Walking through the palace, my mum said she’d have been an anarchist setting the place on fire after seeing how elaborate everything was while everyone else was poor. I might have joined her with a torch too…but perhaps after enjoying getting my mind blown by the glittery excess.

Anyway, this photo is a beautiful byproduct of the monarchy – this gorgeous crown at the museum in the Catedral de Sevilla!

Seeing it up close was amazing, because every inch of the surface is covered in more jewels than I’ll own in my lifetime (probably). Can you imagine wearing this on your head?? It looks so heavy.