One of the definite downsides about living abroad is the homesickness that always pops up. I guess it happens to everyone living far away from home, but mine always comes when a few specific things happen.

It’s especially bad after my family comes to visit. They were just here, but they’ve left now. I always miss my parents a ton, and even my ridiculous cats. It always kicks in a little while after they leave and go back home.

Meet the Ginger Menace and his sidekick, the Grey Goose (because he’s so silly). How could you not love two such grumpy animals?

Then, I always get a tiny dose when my friends go home to visit. Most of them live much closer to home, so it’s only a question of a few hours for them. For me, it’s an entire day of traveling, which makes me a little bit jealous.

Next, it happens when my apartment is empty. Usually, I can distract myself with my 5 roommates (plus any wandering visitors), but they tend to have a high turnover rate as I live with mostly Erasmus students. If you’ve seen L’Auberge Espagnole, it’s exactly like that. Last week, it was crammed full – we had 15 visitors! Four of my roommates just moved out, and took all their visitors with them. It’s a little quiet and lonely around my piso right now!

English: apartment

It looks kind of like this instead of crammed with people – sad! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It also kicks in when I’m feeling a little down, and lately I’ve been a bit stressed, sad, and lonely. The weird weather isn’t helping either – it’s been pretty grey all week, and all I want to do is laze around on the beach in the sun. Hopefully this weird feeling will go away soon.

And of course, after a long period of doing lots of stuff and having exciting trips planned, there’s always a ‘travel comedown.’ I just wrapped up a month of traveling on the weekends, and although it’s nice to have a break to relax, I’m a bit lost without any exciting events on the horizon to look forward to.

It’s days like these when I wish Barcelona were a whole lot closer to California. Actually, it’s not just days like these –  I wish that a lot of the time!

Missing this…

Any other people living far away from home have tips for dealing with homesickness?