One of the weirdest Spanish foods I’ve come across is cochinillo –  roast suckling pig that you eat entirely

I first came across this culinary delight when I was traveling around Castilla y León, where my tour guides encouraged me to try the “milky pig.” I love trying local specialities, but when I saw what it looked like, I just couldn’t.

Here’s what cochinillo looks like, for reference.

Photo Credit: Ela Derezo

So how do you eat cochinillo? Well, it can actually be pretty horrifying!

Check out this video I came across of food critic Andrew Zimmern tucking into cochinillo in Madrid. Yep, baby pig face and all. Skip to 3:30 to see the whole process.

Urgh, I can’t say this does much to convince me to try it! I think I’ll stick to veggies for my dinner tonight…

Has anyone tasted cochinillo? What does it taste like?