Back in early November, I posted about how I’d been struggling with the gentle shift of seasons in Barcelona. The yellow summer sunshine had deepened to a golden color to match the golden leaves; the wind had picked up a bit; and the temperatures were falling gradually.

Now, in mid-January, it’s full-on winter. The leaves from the tree outside my window are gone. The wind isn’t gentle any more; when it blows, it’s cold and harsh, leaving my lips permanently chapped no matter how much lip balm I use. There’s also been a spell of rainy weather, which isn’t doing much to warm me up either.


The white-grey skies are already darkening after I finish my lunch. If I nap, it’s completely dark when I wake up. If I stay awake and watch the twilight set in, everything turns a pretty lavender color that’s somehow different from other times of the year.


It’s surprising how much the whole city has changed colors, considering it’s not that cold. It hasn’t snowed this year (fingers crossed!), but somehow things are still much whiter and grayer, except on the occasional partly sunny day.

It’s fairly uncommon for it to properly snow here, but there were a few flakes last year. I remember literally standing in the middle of the street with my mouth open and camera out when I saw the snow falling on the way to work. An old lady saw me and said, “Cariño, if you want to see real snow, go up to Tibidabo!” I babbled back, “But it’s my first time living where snow is FALLING!” She just smiled and laughed nicely.


Even though experiencing seasons is kind of fun, I’m ready for it to be summer already. My little California bones are cold. I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of layering. I manage to mostly stay warm outside now, but I haven’t figured out how to do it and look stylish! Perhaps the solution is a heavier coat. That way, I wouldn’t have the “Oh this? I just threw it on. No, really – I just threw on every single clean sweater in my closet.” look.

Last year, February was the coldest month. I’m hoping this year is different. It’s already slightly warmer and sunnier than it was in December, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that it keeps it up. Come on, spring!