Today is the last day of Carnaval, so instead of a proper place photo, I’ve got a snap from my partying in Sitges!


Sitges is a little beach town south of Barcelona, and it’s famous for its huge, flamboyant, and wild gay community. Combine that with an occasion to break out feathers, glitter, and masks, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a crazy Carnaval celebration.

I went last night to see the celebrations. I nearly rocked up in full face makeup, but decided I’d rather not tried the metro solo like that! I settled on a sparkly mask and a hot pink wig (probably fulfilling my 5-year-old self’s idea of the perfect grown-up).

The parades were amazing, the party was crazy, and I had a great time – more on Carnaval later. This float’s theme was Sevilla’s Feria de Abril. The golden tower at the back is La Giralda (Sevilla’s famous tower rising from the cathedral), next to a humongous hair comb like the ones the sevillanas wear for the fair. ¡Olé!

But the night’s festivities came to a sour end when a guy I asked to snap our photo was so drunk he dropped my camera…lens down. The lens itself seems fine, but the cover mechanism is in pieces. I only recovered 3 out of 4 tiny pieces, and the camera refuses to work without the cover. The cost of the repair is likely to be more than a new camera, but the prices of this model have nearly doubled since I bought it. Ugh…

So, on that note, does anyone have a recommendation for a small digital camera model they love?