Finding good tapas in Barcelona can be hard, but once or twice a year the city holds ‘De Tapes Per Barcelona’ (Tapas In Barcelona). A bunch of restaurants sign up to offer a signature tapa and a beer for a week or two.

The tapas are generally really tasty. Barcelona has lots of good food, but tapas aren’t great here because tapas aren’t from this region of Spain. So when the city holds ‘De Tapas Per Barcelona’, it’s a big treat! They’re some of the best tapas in Barcelona that I’ve had.


The route is happening right now. It started on Thursday and goes until Sunday, March 3. For €2.40, you get a tapa and a small Estrella. Those are pretty good prices for Barcelona, and the tapas are (almost always) worth it. The restaurants put out high-quality ones with fancy ingredients because there’s a contest for the best tapa. There’s also a photo contest on Instagram (tag your photos #tapaBCN).

Each restaurant is assigned a number, and you get to vote for your favorite tapas. There are 66 restaurants to choose from, so you can make your own Barcelona tapas tour. There’s tons of choice, from traditional Spanish restaurants to sushi bars. All of the ones I’ve tried have been pretty good, with one exception that was just weird.

We usually start at one of the restaurants in the city center and grab a map. The maps list all the bars, plus have photos and descriptions of all the tapas on the back, so it’s fun to pick out which delicious treats we want to try that evening. Spanish ham and brie? Catalan coca toast with veal, caramelized onions, and cheese on top? Or something more adventurous, like the mysterious “Nordic Secret” or the “Spanish Festival”? That’s what you can choose from this time.


You can find a map online at the official website (, or pick up a paper copy at any one of the participating restaurants.  They also have a Facebook page and an app, which is called ‘Loodic‘ (it took me forever to find it because the name isn’t related to the event at all).

Last year, the route was held in early June, and in 2011 it was on in June and November. I’m really not sure why it’s in February this time, but I’m not complaining because I love the tapas route! It’s a fun way to hang out with friends, eat delicious food, and get to know new places in Barcelona.


Tonight’s plan is to go to the restaurants in the Eixample district, then head off to a mustache party. I hope you all have fun weekend plans too!

If you need help deciding which ones to choose from, here are my top picks (as well as couple to avoid).