¡Hola a todos! In between siestas and tapas hopping today, I’ve squeezed in a bit of time for my regular Wednesday post. For somebody who doesn’t live in ‘typical Spain’, today’s been a very stereotypically Spanish day! And now, onto perhaps the most Spanish of Spain’s cities – Madrid.


I snapped this on a warm fall afternoon while on a stroll through the El Retiro park with a couple of good friends. Walking the huge park’s gently winding trails in the late fall sunlight was a beautiful way to spend some time in Madrid, especially when it was done in great company. It hardly felt as if we were in the city at all.

This building in particular caught my eye – it’s the Palacio de Cristal, the Crystal Palace. It overlooks a lake and some beautiful stretches of grass (perfect for picnics or siestas!). It used to be used to display flower exhibitions, and I bet the mix of colorful flowers, green leaves, and the beautiful archways in the building looked spectacular. Today it’s empty but it’s still pretty impressive on its own, especially when the sun shines through the glass panels.

On another Madrid-related note, who saw El Clásico last night? Barça really let themselves down. The fans even started setting the stadium on fire because they were so furious. Sigh. Fingers crossed this weekend’s match goes better!