In honor of Sevilla’s famous Feria de Abril, which is happening this week, here’s one of my favorite photos from last year’s Feria – a bunch of girls in their flamenco dresses enjoying the carnival. 


This part of the fair takes places in the Calle del Infierno – Hell Street. It’s bursting with bright attractions and shrieks of delight. It’s basically a mini-attraction park set up during the week of the Feria, with everything from scary rides that shoot you up into the sky to tiny paddling boats for toddlers.

Even though the Feria wasn’t quite my cup of tea, I definitely enjoyed seeing how the old, traditional elements of the celebration mixed with a modern party. I really liked the contrast between the very traditional outfits and the new fairground rides. And all the women have such fun expressions on their faces that show the exuberance of the Feria.