Hola everybody! As you may know, I’m off on a trip to Ibiza this week. The Isla Blanca is famous for its wild and crazy nightlife (and I’ve got to say, after a thorough test it definitely deserves the reputation). But it’s also got some seriously beautiful natural sights too – like this spectacular sunset at Café del Mar.


Café del Mar is, as you may have guessed from the name if you speak Spanish, a café in front of the sea. But there are tons of those, so why is this one special?

Because of the amazing views of the sunsets you get from the beach in front of it. Oh, and they also pipe relaxing chill-out music out of the café’s windows, just to add an extra touch of Ibiza cool to the scene.

Here’s a taster. To get the full effects, imagine the sun gently pouring over the coast, a salty tinge to the air, and the delicious thought of the wild night ahead that starts as soon as night sets in…and if you’re lucky, lasts until the equally exquisite sunrise.

Ibiza may be world-famous for its parties, but its chill-out culture is actually just as cool. There are quite a few places you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the island, including Café del Mar. Two other great places for chill-out culture are Kumharas (more on that to come in a future blog post) and Tulp – both have awesomely relaxing vibes and are right on the seafront.

The best thing about chill-out music is that you can bring some back home with you. There are tons of mixes on YouTube and Spotify, so it’s easy enough to play some at home as you sit outside.

But of course, nothing beats watching the sun go down over a beautiful island while listening to some relaxing sounds. It doesn’t get much more chill than that.