OK, I know I’ve featured Casa Batllò in my Wednesday series a couple of times before, but I’m just so obsessed with it! I love the colorful, skeletal building that overlooks elegant Passeig de Gràcia, and I’m lucky enough to live really close to it. Lots of Sundays, I nip downstairs and go snap some photos of my favorite building. 


My favorite part? The curvy roof covered in shimmering tiles. When the sun hits the roof in the late afternoon,  sections of the roof light up and shine, changing as the sun drops further and further down in the sky.

The roof supposedly represents the skin of the dragon that Saint George killed; only here, he’s known as Sant Jordi and he’s the patron saint of Barcelona. He even gets his own special romantic holiday!

Gaudí might be too out-there for lots of people, but I’m finding that his crazy buildings grow on me the more I look at them. Next time, I’ll have to take my camera out to a different one of his works….just as soon as I can tear myself away from Casa Batllò.

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