Hola, everyone! Things finally seem to be up and running properly on my self-hosted site, so I’m pretty happy. Yay! Anyway, for this week’s Where in Spain Wednesday, I have one of my pictures from Gijón, Asturias. 


Gijón doesn’t rank anywhere in my top cities in Spain, as I wasn’t especially charmed with the city. That isn’t to say I felt negatively about it; it was more like neutral. Spain has tons of incredibly charming cities, and I just didn’t get the same feeling from Gijón.

But there was one thing I loved about the city – the curving coastline full of surfers and fishermen. Around sunset, I took a walk around the bay and watched the waves. One of my favorite things I spotted on the walk was this angular church that shone golden in the late afternoon. I didn’t go inside, but I imagine it must be quite cool to stand inside a beautiful church listening to the Asturian waves crashing on the shore just outside.