Hello everyone! This week, I’m a tiny bit late posting the weekly MyBarcelona video on my blog, but this is one city secret that I recommend keeping in mind if you’re ever planning on visiting Barcelona. If you’re visiting the city center and need a quick break and a little something to eat or drink, I’ve got the perfect spot for you – Enric Granados Street. 

It’s jam-packed full of adorable cafés with outdoor terraces, including my favorite spot in the city for a coffee, the art gallery/café Cosmo, and one of the top ice cream parlors in Barcelona.

And thanks for bearing with me while I make the change to my new layout. It mostly looks how I want it to at this point…now I’ve just got to figure out how to make it stop being so frustratingly slow! Any ideas about what I can do to help it along?

Adeu, amics! 🙂