Hello lovely people! I hope you’re all having nice relaxing weekends. And speaking of nice and relaxing, here’s one of my favorite places to relax – Barcelona’s Plaça Reial!

It’s right in the city center off the Ramblas, and it’s quite a nice spot to enjoy a drink on a terrace bar. Yeah, it’s usually full of tourists, but I still love taking visitors there to soak in the vibes, people watch, and enjoy a caña or two. The terraza tradition something that you just don’t get in every country, and it’s lovely to be able to enjoy it. There aren’t very many places like this in Barcelona. so that’s why I love going here.

Anyway, come find out more about this lively square (and listen up for something about Barcelona’s favorite architect).




Did you catch that bit about Gaudí? Yep, he manages to somehow pop up in almost everything Barcelona-related! I mean, I get it – his work is so amazingly different from anything else I’ve ever seen. But sometimes, you’ve got to wonder what sights would be the most famous ones in Barcelona if Gaudí didn’t exist. Stuff like Plaça Reial might stand out a lot more!

Oh, and there’s one thing about Barcelona’s Plaça Reial that I didn’t go into detail about in my video. That’s where I actually take visitors to have a drink (which I honestly do!). I like the Cerveceria Canarias, because it’s inexpensive – considering the location of course – and the food is decent. I sat out here with my parents one memorable Sant Joan night while fireworks went off above the plaza. It was partly memorable for the great views, and partly memorable because we’d managed to lock ourselves out of our rental apartment!

The Plaça Reial is also a great place to meet your friends if you’re planning on going out in the city center. There are so many fun little bars and restaurants to discover in the little streets around it, so it’s the perfect starting point for a night (or day!) of exploring.

Adeu amics!