For this week’s mini-episode of MyBarcelona, I’m talking about a much-neglected topic on my little blog – the incredible food Spain has to offer!

It’s really a shame that I’m not more of a foodie, but even though my very limited palate may not be able to differentiate between the subtleties of flavors in a perfectly cooked dish, there’s another aspect of Spanish food culture that doesn’t have much to do with the dishes in front of you. And that aspect is that it’s often very social.

So, on that note, let me introduce you to the wonderful art of the Catalan calçotada! I attended my very first one the weekend before this one, and it was really a fun experience. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed joining me for the calçots! Thanks to Barcelona Travel Bloggers for organizing the event, and especially to Amadeu and Edgardo for doing all the cooking (go check out their fun travel blogs!).

Also, on a side (but important note), I think I’m finally making the leap and changing my blog name. I’ll have more details about it in a couple days, but it is time to do a remodel. I’ll still be here, it just needed a change!

Adeu, amics!