Hello everyone! I’ve got some exciting news about my most recent project that you may have seen on my Facebook page or Instagram – I got to be the STA Travel Insider for Barcelona this weekend! 

I basically got to do one of my favorite things in the city, which is take people around and show them the little “hidden” things that tell you about the city’s history and culture. It’s cool stuff like underground Roman ruins and teeny tiny FC Barcelona shields hidden in church stained glass (seriously).

Having grown up in California, I’m still constantly amazed at the way you can literally see the history in the walls of the city.

Check out my mini tour with the lovely Teresa below, plus the fun Spanish cooking experience they let me join in on afterwards as well. Paella may not be a typical Barcelona dish, but it certainly was fun to learn how to make it (not to mention delicious!).





Anyway, I hope you enjoy going around the Gothic quarter with me and STA…and I hope you can understand me at my normal speaking velocity (very fast!).