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I mostly write about Spain, but I’ve been bitten well and truly by the travel bug. Here’s where you can find all my posts about non-Spain travel.

I generally write about European weekend getaways (all those low-cost airlines are amazing), but occasionally I venture further abroad, too!

If you’re interested in reading about a particular destination, use the drop-down menu above to pick your locations.


Vienna: The City of Beautiful Cakes

 It's easy to feel like royalty when you're in Vienna. Nearly the whole city looks like a palace, with its elegant white buildings topped with mint green domes and sparkling golden statues. The buildings look like expensive jewelry boxes and intricate wedding cakes....

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Edinburgh’s Royal Mile

Probably just about every visitor to Edinburgh has made a stop by the Royal Mile. This long series of streets stretching from the Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Palace cuts through the city center, and it's pretty much impossible to avoid. It does indeed run an entire...

The Creepy Side of Edinburgh

No gimmicks - that was my main criteria for choosing a tour to get to know the creepy side of Edinburgh. I didn't want out-of-work actors in gory costumes leaping out at me and shrieking; I wanted to legitimately get to know the historical part of the city that's...

Why You Should Visit Yorkshire, England Right Now

The U.K. is one of my favorite places to travel by far; there's just so much to explore on this fantastic little green island, from fascinating cities with thousands of years of history to some of the prettiest views I've seen in my entire life. And there's one part...

2 Amazing California Markets You Have to Eat At

Lots of people I come across with in Spain believe that there's not really such a thing as American or Californian cuisine. While it's true that there's nothing compared to a culture that's developed a rich food history over hundreds and hundreds of years, it's...

On the Trail of Harry Potter in the U.K.

If I had to pick one book that's been important to me…well, I'd have to stop and think for a while! I love to read and re-read stacks of books. But there's one book that holds an extra-special place in my little heart, and that's the Harry Potter series. I know that's...

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