I’m back writing a tiny bit about what I’ve been up to lately. I recently started work, which has been pretty fun – in the mornings I work at an English-language summer camp for Spanish kids, and in the evenings I teach an intensive beginning English course. My paperwork-stuff (like registering at a town hall and opening a bank account) is slowly getting taken care of bit by bit as well.

Today was one of the nicest days ever (and it’s only half over!). I woke up around 11, had a cup of tea and a Milka chocolate bun sitting at my little “balcony”, then met up with a friend and went out to lunch for Syrian food in one of my favorite neighborhoods, Grácia. I spent the afternoon walking around the pretty neighborhood and it was sunny but a little breezy. Then, I scored free coffee from my barista amigos and chatted with one of them for a bit before I went to the “rebajas”- massive sales that go on twice a year in all the shops. Now I’m sitting in my new big sunny room relaxing a bit with some excellent cherries before I go to a beach party later on this evening. I’m so happy to be here, and so happy that I found a job that lets me stay! Life is good!

Another pretty neighborhood – El Born. Lots of the city looks like this!