Hey everyone! I’m a little late on today’s Where in Spain Wednesday post because I’ve had a nasty hacking attempt on my blog that banned me from entering for a while. Sad face! And I’m hoping this doesn’t happen regularly on these self-hosted things…

Anyway, for this week’s post I’ve shared a snap of one of my favorite buildings in Madrid – the Banco Español de Crédito (the Spanish Credit Bank), proving both how beautiful Madrid’s architecture is and how easy it is to learn a good chunk of Spanish vocabulary.

The adding an “o” trick doesn’t work all the time, but when it does I feel like I’m getting away with something  (“Bank-o”, “credit-o”….it feels like I’m just inventing words).


And while we’re on the topic of Spanish banks, I recently got a surefire sign the economy over here really is suffering. Somehow, they’ve managed to successfully send a traffic fine all the way to my parents in California. Yep, the same people who are seemingly incapable of getting packages delivered to the correct address* have found it within their skill set to send fines internationally. ¡La crisis! indeed.

*In a four-month period, my roommates and I acquired SEVEN missing packages between us.

Of course, they’ve very sneakily gotten it to arrive on the other side of the globe outside of the period you’re supposed to pay it in, which also conveniently means you can no longer pay the reduced rate. Tricky, tricky!

Anyway, irritation at the selective postal service functioning and the economic crisis aside, this bank building in Madrid really is very pretty. Plus, it’s got that intimidatingly grand feeling that I love seeing in big capital cities.

Ooh, and don’t forget to check back on Friday for the reveal of my secret project! I’m so nervous/excited to unveil it and show you all what I’ve been working on.