I’ve been on a real Christmas kick lately! I spent all last week in Dublin, which is decked out to the brim with holiday trimmings, and this week in Barcelona I’ve been doing lots of Christmas shopping, packing my bags to get ready to go home, and checking out all the sweets in my local pasteleria for a last-minute treat. 

But my favorite part of the festive season in Barcelona is definitely looking at all the gorgeous light displays brightening up the city, so that’s what I’ve got for this week’s Where in Spain Wednesday.


This snap is from last year’s incredible light show projected onto one of the sides of the Sagrada Familia. The still photo can’t capture how creative the show was; a times it looked like there was water flowing down the intricate details on the building, and at others Gaudí’s whole masterpiece looked like it was moving and changing shape.

(By the way, if you’re going to be in my favorite city over the holidays, check out my guide to what to do in Barcelona at Christmas time.)