Last week I had my first trip to the doctor here. I woke up, brushed my teeth, and threw up…fun, right? So it was off to el doctor for me. 

I had been to the doctor before when I studied abroad in Sevilla, but that time I had a healthcare card arranged through my program. And I had a local person who worked for the program who took me to the hospital and helped me everything.

Yay Spanish doctors!

This time, I didn’t have that. Luckily, I’d already looked up the steps to being able to go to the doctor here, which was good because I needed to bring FIVE pieces of paperwork to apply for my medical card.

They say in Spain there’s a rule of “falta uno”, meaning you’re always missing one piece of paperwork when you have to get something done. So I’ve acquired the Spanish habit of taking every single piece of documentation with me in a plastic folder when I have to get stuff done.

Urrgh…paperwork. Photo credit: Beis1

Anyway, my flatmate took me to the local CatSalut office and I had to apply for my card, hope for a same-day appointment, wait for a doctor, see a doctor, get a note for work, and pick up any medication they prescribed. I was expecting a full day at the hospital.

Instead, I was in and out in under 45 minutes. For comparison purposes, this is how long it usually takes in California when I already have an appointment.

I have one of these now!

And the total cost of my card, my appointment, my note, and my medicine? €2.70. TWO SEVENTY.

Plus, Barcelona has really cool hospitals –  the last picture looks like a fancy building, but it’s the Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona!

I love Spanish healthcare.


Photo credit: Paspog