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I mostly write about Spain, but I’ve been bitten well and truly by the travel bug. Here’s where you can find all my posts about non-Spain travel.

I generally write about European weekend getaways (all those low-cost airlines are amazing), but occasionally I venture further abroad, too!

If you’re interested in reading about a particular destination, use the drop-down menu above to pick your locations.


Learning to Love Downtown L.A. (Well, Almost)

L.A. is perhaps the most frustrating city I’ve ever been to. A permanent snarl of traffic in an endless sprawl of a city, with many areas that are ugly and others that are flat-out dangerous, Los Angeles isn’t exactly the easiest city to get to grips with. But there...

Looking on the Bright Side on Route 66

These past few months I've learned quite a few lessons, often ones that I should have learned the first time or recognized a lot earlier on. And some of that came to a head while I was on a road trip along classic Route 66 in California. I've never been one for...

The 5 Best Things to Do in Dublin

My first visit to Dublin, I remember being totally blown away. I fell head over heels for the pretty green city on the Liffey River, especially with the feeling that it was a place full of young people busy going great places. Wandering around the streets filled with...

Dancing With Dragons in the California Desert

As we drove, we left behind the suburban strip mall sprawl and started to get into fields dotted with deep green trees. We drove past farms, Wild West Pony Express routes, and flying schools with tiny one-man airplanes. The landscape slowly started to shift from...

Reverse Culture Shock: It’s The Little Things

Take a look at the literature on culture shock, and you'll probably come across the concept of "reverse culture shock" pretty quickly. Before I'd spent a little while abroad, I was skeptical that it was actually a thing. After all, I thought, wouldn't it feel pretty...

Panic in the Hills of Edinburgh

Or, you can take the girl out of the city... Edinburgh's wind is famous for its almost constant presence in the city. Sometimes it's a light breeze gently dancing its way around the narrow closes and stony buildings, whistling happily along. But at other times it's a...

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