I’ve got another photo of Barcelona this week, but this one is from a very special event that only happens once a year – the Festa Major de Gràcia! It’s one of my very favorite things about Barcelona.


It’s a street party that the residents of the Gràcia neighborhood put on for a week in August every year. All day long for the full week, there are parties, live music, street food, games, and performers. They have activities that are more relaxed and family friendly in the day, but the night turns into a massive crazy party.

Each street decorates according a theme, and all the decorations are homemade, often from recycled materials. The themes range from superheroes to jazz to this beautiful garden, and the people get seriously creative.

Take a close look at the flower decorations in the photo above – can you figure out what they’re made out of? They’re actually spray-painted plastic 2-liter bottles attached to regular white Christmas lights!

You can check out what went on at last year’s party here. This year’s festival starts today, and I’ll definitely be there!