Hello! I’m posting from my cozy house in California today, after three very turbulent flights, two nearly-missed connections, and one luggage-related injury*. I’m so glad to be home after all that!

(*An overstrained tendon in my arm from dragging around my suitcase. Maybe my bag was just a tiny bit on the heavy side…).

I just wanted to wish everybody and anybody reading a very happy holiday season, whatever you’re celebrating!

Here’s one of Catalunya’s weirdest holiday traditions that might make you smile.He’s called the Caga Tió (which translates to either ‘The Shitting Log’ or ‘The Shitting Guy’, depending on who you believe).


You ‘feed’ him presents every day, then on Christmas Eve hit him with sticks until he ‘poos’ out all his gifts. These tiós look pretty happy about their festive duties!

Anyway, I’ll be back on Wednesday with my regular posting.  Happy holidays, felices fiestas, and bones festes!