I haven’t posted in this blog in a while because I’ve been having a bit of a tough time lately (understatement!) so I haven’t really felt like blogging. Sorry for the lack of updates. But, I want to keep up my blog and so here it goes again – and today’s my 23rd birthday!

I’m at home with my family in California, and then I go back to Spain on Sunday. Living in a foreign country can definitely be really, really difficult sometimes, and a whole bunch of extra stressful stuff just piled up at one time. It started as a normal ‘quarterlife crisis’ type thing and just got bigger and bigger and bigger. So being at home has been a nice and totally necessary break!

Downtown Riverside – where I had my birthday lunch!      Photo credit: Neil Kramer (http://flic.kr/p/8Vonek)

I had a really nice day celebrating. I went to a great Mexican restaurant with my parents at the Mission Inn, which is about the only famous thing in Riverside. Then my mum made me a fab homemade carrot cake (my favorite!), and we watched the last Harry Potter movie with lots and lots of tea. Hopefully I’m hitting up the Hollywood clubs this weekend to get some partying in as well.

I hope 23 will be a more fun, less stressful year than 22. Here’s to 23, and 2012!