It’s the start of a new month, so here I go again on my monthly goals! Let’s see how I did for May…
  • Start my yoga class  – well, I have my first class scheduled so that almost counts, right?
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables – yep, slowly but surely I am turning into a sandwich and VEGETABLE based life form, rather than just a sandwich one.
  • Be good about wearing sunscreen – yep! I got one sunburn in Ibiza, but it wasn’t too terrible and after that I haven’t gotten burned.
  • Plan my next travel adventures – yes! I’m going to Berlin, Madrid, England, and I’m working on Eastern Europe
  • Go to at least 2 language-based social events – I wasn’t counting, but I think so?
  • Read something non-fiction and informative – Also done, I’m working my way through the Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Photography.

I think this has been my most successful month so far! I got pretty much everything done.


Here’s what I want to get done in June:

  • Yoga! And go running.
  • Go to the beach lots
  • Visit some new touristy sights – I have my eye on the Palau Guell and the Cervantes Rose Gardens.
  • Practice my Spanish verb tenses – believe it or not, I have yet to learn all the commands (I never order groups of people around or anyone I’d call ‘usted’). I’m also shaky on everything ‘vosotros’-related (‘ustedes’ is the best!)
  • More Spanish magazines!
  • Start using Catalan for something – like ordering at a restaurant or asking questions in the supermarket.

Currently listening to: “Modern Art” by the Black Lips.

Currently readingAmerican Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis. This time, I might actually like the movie better than the book.