I’m afraid it’s a quick post from me as I’m playing tour guide to my parents this week! Here’s my regular Wednesday post from Avilés, Asturias.

aviles-asturias-spain-houses-prettyThese pretty little houses were facing the river, on the opposite side of the bank from the very fancy Cultural Center (so fancy that even Brad Pitt had a hand in creating it!) I love the different-colored buildings with their little balconies poking out to get a glimpse of the winding river.

I’m not sure what the painting at the end is for, but I do know that similar paintings in Barcelona were done if your neighbor suddenly decided to build quite a bit higher. You lost your view, but to compensate, some places gave you a painting of the river so you didn’t entirely miss out on seeing the water. I’m not sure if that’s the case here too, but it’s a funny way to make up for it!

P.S. On the topic of Asturias, a special thanks to the team from Paradores de España, who offered me a very cool opportunity in Asturias. I wasn’t able to make it this time, but I hope I can in the future! Look up the paradores if you want somewhere beautiful and a bit different to stay in Spain.