This week for Where in Spain Wednesday, here’s a picture of one of my favorite Spanish cities, Salamanca! Let’s take a closer look at one of the most beautiful things in the city – the Catedral Nueva, the New Cathedral.


Most cities are usually only allowed one cathedral, but Salamanca has two. The “new” one is still very old by my standards, as construction started in 1513! Both are beautiful, but I loved all the intricate carvings in the new cathedral. I spent loads of time searching for interesting little secrets hidden away in the cathedral walls. There’s an especially fun section of the building where you can find weird carvings like an astronaut and a monkey eating an ice cream cone. (That’s not this section though!).

Out of all the cities I’d like to visit again in Spain, Salamanca is currently top of my list. I loved how everything glowed gold in the city center, and the university city vibe at night seemed like it’s definitely something I could get used to.