Hello everybody! For this week’s photo post, I have one of my favorite pictures of Madrid of the Palacio de Comunicaciones.


I’ve been to Madrid a couple of times, and it’s a really incredible city. It’s got a completely different feel than Barcelona, and it’s always fun to be in a country’s capital city.

This amazing building is the Palacio de Comunicaciones (The Palace of Communications), which is also called the Palacio de Cibeles. Either way, it’s a pretty stunning building! At first, I thought it must be a royal residence or something really fancy, but according to Madrid.com it’s just the City Hall. It was originally home to the HQ of the postal service.

The Palacio is at the top of a wide tree-lined street filled with some of the world’s best museums – the Paseo del Prado. If you get a chance to go to Madrid, I definitely recommend having a stroll down this street. Even if you don’t go into any of the museums, it’s a pretty walk with plenty of beautiful buildings to see, like the Palacio.