Hello lovely readers! I apologize for my lack of blogging lately…but I’ve had a rather stressful life crisis. So instead of my regular Where in Spain Wednesday, I’ll explain to you Where is Jessica this Wednesday. 

OK, I’ll call it a mini-life crisis. It basically involves nearly getting evicted (on illegal grounds, as it turns out), and consequently desperately seeking a place to sleep amid shrieks of agony when I discovered just how much stuff I’ve managed to lug across the pond. Oh, and then I got a friend visiting on top of that.

Today, I am finally settling in to my lovely new apartment. Life will be getting back to normal.

That means things will be getting back to normal around here shortly too. If you’ve been waiting for me to answer your emails, comments, tweets, or whatever (and I know I have some business-y things to attend to), I’ll be back online properly within the next few days.

Oh, and to appease you slightly, here is one of my favorite spots in my new neighborhood (although it’s a photo from the middle of winter). Anyone know where I’ve moved to? 🙂


Oh, and P.S. – did you know Spain gives you a whole free day off work to move? It doesn’t even count as a vacation day! I may have to hit the beach between rounds of unpacking to de-stress tomorrow.