The curvy form of the Eulogy to the Horizon sits atop a green hilly park in Gijón, Asturias, overlooking the sea and the stunning Asturian coastline. 


The Elogio del Horizonte – which translates to the Eulogy to the Horizon – is by sculptor Eduardo Chillida. It’s perched high above the city in the Cimavilla neighborhood. Apart from being a pretty fascinating structure, it’s also the ideal spot to sit and watch the sea.

If you stand right in the middle of this sculpture, all the sounds of the sea are amplified. The swishing and hissing of the wind and waves seems like it’s right above your head.

Watching the late afternoon sun set over the rolling Asturian coastline from here was a lovely relaxing way  to end a long day of travel. The countryside glowed golden in the low sun, and the sounds of the sea and fresh air were the perfect remedy for a tired, aching body.

Even though Gijón wasn’t my favorite city in Asturias, I really loved this spot. (P.S. my final post about Asturias is finally coming up! Look out for it early next week. UPDATE: you can see it here! )