Hello everybody! After last week’s Gaudí post, I’m back with more bizarre architecture from Spain, but this time with Las Setas in Sevilla




It’s known as “Las Setas” (“The Mushrooms”) because of its weird shape. It’s officially the Metro Parasol. They were originally supposed to be done in 2007, but it was under construction the whole time I studied abroad there in 2008. It was a huge surprise to see what it looked like when it was finished last year!

So what is there to see here apart from the weird giant mushrooms? You can go walk around on top of them! It gives you a great view of the more, um, traditional parts of Sevilla. It’s €1.35 to go up and I think it’s totally worth it.

I’m off out to go check out the free shows for Primavera Sound! I’m so stoked to see The Vaccines…but like always, am definitely going to be late. Oops!

What do you think of Las Setas in Sevilla? It’s a love it or hate it thing!