Sevilla is one of those cities that people just fall in love with. I can’t tell you how many people have raved to me about how beautiful it is. Welcome to Europe’s sunniest city, home to some of the most amazing things I’ve seen in my life. It doesn’t hurt that it smells like orange blossoms either! 


I spent four months studying abroad in Sevilla and just went back to see the famous Feria de Abril. So I’ve seen quite a bit of the gorgeous city. Here are the best things to do in Sevilla, Spain, the Andalusian capital!

5. Visit the Plaza de España and Parque Maria Luisa


The Plaza de España has some incredible buildings, a giant fountain, and a little moat going around the outside. It’s one of the most stunning things in Sevilla. The Parque Maria Luisa is just across the street, and it’s a great place to find some shade to get out of the heat.

My awesome reader Toby reminded me that the Plaza de España has tiled displays for each region of Spain that show scenes from that region. They’re really detailed and amazing to look at.


4. Get lost in the gorgeous old streets


The prettiest neighborhood is Santa Cruz, where the winding streets have surprises around every corner. You might find a beautiful Andalusian patio filled with bright flowers, a pretty courtyard, some incredible gardens, or even a medieval castle wall.

3. Go all the way to the top of the La Giralda tower 


This lets you get a fantastic view of the city. The cathedral is cool, but the tower is the real draw. You can see how much taller it is than the rest of the cathedral in the photo below – it’s the rightmost tower with the figure on top.  Walk all the way up the twisted tower to the top and get ready to see why Andalucía is famous for its white villages.


2. EAT! 


Sevilla has some seriously incredible food…and it’s cheap! Go find some fun tapas bars and order lots of tasty dishes to sample. As much as I love Barcelona, I have to admit this is one thing Sevilla does better – way better.

Two of my favorite places to try are Tapas Viapol (C/José Recuerda Rubio 5) and Bodega Dos de Mayo (Plaza de la Gavidia 2).


1. See the Real Alcázar de Sevilla


Hands down my favorite thing to see in Sevilla. It’s modeled on the famous Alhambra in Granada, and I actually liked it even more. Every inch of the palace is covered in intricate detail, the mix of architectural styles is fabulous, and the gardens are stunning. Best of all, it’s cheap to go in if you’re a student at just €2 (though it used to be free). If you’re in Sevilla, you cannot miss this.


And a bonus one – enjoy all the Spanish stereotypes! The Andaluces are known for being loud, friendly people who eat tapas, dance flamenco, go to bullfights, and sometimes even shout “¡Óle!”

Does anyone have any other recommendations for things to do, see, or eat in Sevilla?