I’m back in Barcelona! Well, I suppose officially I was back a little under a month ago, but it hasn’t felt like it as I’ve been traveling so much. I have honestly been in a different country every week for a month (including fun things like a different currency in each one, and a different time zone too!) So here’s where I’ve been: 

California, U.S.A. 


I got to stay in California for the first week and a half in January, right at the end of my holiday visit home. It was a surprisingly busy trip, and I got to see my family, my college friends, and my high school friends. It’s been 5 years since I graduated high school, and it was a pleasant surprise to discover that everyone had suddenly become much more friendly. I guess that’s growing up, eh?

Barcelona, Spain


Ok, neither of these first two is surprising. I was briefly back in Barcelona to get back to work. I got a few nasty surprises in my first couple of days back, but all was (almost) forgiven after a fun weekend of birthday parties and friends (and, er, more parties during the week).

Istanbul, Turkey


This was the first time I’d been to Turkey, and it was a fascinating place. I’d never been somewhere that was so, well, foreign. Istanbul definitely gave me the feeling I was in a different world entirely, which I was not expecting. And yes, I was in the Asian side, which gives me my third continent!

Derby, England


Perhaps you are unfamiliar with Derby, but you might have heard of the area – Mr. Darcy lives in Derbyshire! My trip involved no Mr. Darcys, as I was there to see my family. But I did get an awful lot of tea, fish and chips,  a Topshop trip, a proper Sunday dinner, and a big haul of English chocolate and cakes…plus lots of lovely time spent with family! I think that’s even better than a Darcy (he’s not really my type anyway).

This weekend, I’m finally getting some rest and staying in Barcelona. Getting back into a routine never sounds exciting, but I’m just happy not to have to deal with airport security and Ryanair this week. Travel is a lot of fun but it’s tiring, so staying in one place for a while will be nice too. That is, until my feet start getting that travel itch again…